Below are some links and resources that you may find useful in helping you prepare for your IELTS test.

Top Tips
Useful Links
  • For official preparation materials, please visit Take IELTS.
  • Road to IELTS is an online exam preparation resource developed by the British Council and ClarityEnglish.  The programme helps you with all aspects of the test – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.  Visit this to find practice tests, e-books and videos to get prepared for your IELTS test.
IELTS Practice Tests

The British Council helps people prepare for IELTS by offering them free practice tests and answers, allowing candidates to get to know the test format and develop their exam technique.  These can be accessed here.

Alternatively, the IELTS Progress Check is an official, online practice test.  Completed tests are marked by IELTS trained and qualified markers and you will receive an official feedback report, including an indicative overall test band score, as well as a band score for each section of the test.  This report is issued within 5 days of completing your IELTS Progress Check practice test.  Further information about this can be found here.

IELTS Preparation Books and Study Guides

There is a wide range of IELTS preparation materials available to purchase.  These are purchasable on the Take IELTS website here.


The IELTS Prep App has been created to assist candidates with their test preparation.  The IELTS app prepares test takers for the Listening and Speaking parts only, however you will find tips to improve vocabulary and grammar, along with general tips for taking the IELTS test. You can even book your test via the app!  You can download the app here.

IELTS additionally has the Word Power app, which offers vocabulary practice, with over 100 questions to test your word power.  You can download the app here.

IELTS Free Online Course

To assist you with your IELTS test preparation, IELTS offers free online courses.  Each course focuses on a different component of the IELTS test and will include exercises.  Further information on these IELTS course, and on how to enrol, can be found here.

Tips from IELTS Test Takers

The British Council has a collection of videos from past test takers that offer personal advice and tips for preparation.  These can be found here.